Covid-19 Statement – Your Saddle or Bridle fitting appointment


During the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic Society of Master Saddlers Members and
Registered Qualified Saddle or Bridle Fitters (RQSF and RQBF) must ensure that they are
protecting themselves and you, their clients, by introducing a different procedure to their fitting process.

This will ensure they are taking social responsibility to minimise the risk of spread of infection.
The health and safety of the Fitter, the client and the horse are the main priority and must not be compromised at this time. The emergency services are under extreme pressure and we must all avoid situations that might result in injury, for example, fitting a new saddle to a newly backed horse at this time.

What your Fitter expects from you:

  • Full and open risk assessment as part of the booking process
  • Clear directions to your location
  • Suitable parking away from other people
  • A clean, calm, and well-behaved horse, who is content to be handled by someone other than their usual carers
  • A safe, quiet area, ideally outside, where the horse can comfortably be tied up
  • Thoroughly cleaned tack and equipment
  • For you to be wearing a face mask/shield
  • For you not to touch any of the Fitter’s equipment unless invited to do so
  • For you to observe social distancing always and respect the space required by the Fitter to carry out the fitting assessment
  • Payment by a contactless method such as card, BACS, or other method such as PayPal. If by payment is made by cash, then please count it out in front of the Fitter and then place in an envelope before handing to the Fitter
  • To notify them if you experience symptoms prior to the visit. The appointment will be then postponed.
  • To notify your Fitter if you develop symptoms within 14 days after your appointment.

What you can expect from your Fitter:

  • Your Fitter will take all precautions to observe hygiene procedures: cleaning all appropriate surfaces and disposing of cleaning materials and used protective equipment properly
  • Your Fitter will wear appropriate protection. This may include a face mask and/or shield, fresh gloves, coveralls, and eye protection.
  • The Fitter will not touch anything that is not necessary as part of the fitting assessment
  • The Fitter will observe social distancing throughout the appointment
  • Your Fitter will modify their fitting protocols as per SMS guidance so that social distance may always be observed. If closer inspection is necessary when you are mounted, your Fitter may move closer than 2m to you to gain access to your tack: this is possible because they will be
    wearing protective equipment. However, such proximity should be maintained for a total maximum of 15 minutes during the appointment
  • If your Fitter experiences Covid-19 related symptoms prior to your appointment they will notify you and the appointment will be postponed
  • Your Fitter will notify you if they develop symptoms with 14 days following your appointment.

Important Information:

  • Appointments will be confirmed prior to ensure circumstances have not changed. If the appointment is not confirmed, the appointment will not go ahead
  • Any deposit/payment for the fitting/travelling fee is not refundable, but may be transferable should the appointment be cancelled the day before
  • Any deposit/payment for the fitting/travelling fee is not refundable should the appointment have to be terminated on the day because the Fitter feels that safe practises cannot be maintained, or if the appointment is cancelled on the day before the appointment for any reason other than suspected coronavirus risk.


For more information please contact us on 01925 629629 or 07713 568429